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From the peaks of the mountains around the world to the most beautiful coasts in Italy. Let’s breathe in together the power of nature.

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My experience

I have been sports climbing since 1988, reaching difficulties up to 8a on sight and redpointing 8b+. I have climbed more than 1500 trad routes around the entire alpine arc, on varying difficulties and terrain, as well as going on numerous expeditions in the Andes, Patagonia and the United States.

I can remember my first contact with rock it as if it were yesterday, it was purely casual and it is thanks to my father’s friend who invited us to go visit him at rifugio Santner in the Catinaccio mountain range, he was the mountain hut manager. I was six years old and up to that day I did not know the Dolomites.

Climbing up that rocky path which joins rifugio Vaiolet to rifugio Santner, you have to scramble up rocks and place your hands on the rock, that was a moment of discovery for me, together with the sight of various alpinists I could see climbing the Vaiolet towers.

I was a lively child and I did not have many certainties, , but of one thing I was certain that day, I felt at ease in that environment, so much so that I had the feeling of having been there before , is that just a coincidence or a premonition? Who knows? It was a romantic and intense feeling that I carry in my heart still to this day, it was the beginning of a never ending passion for me.

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